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Seeing how heavy the new MGS5 trailer was, I miss the ridiculous atmosphere of Peace Walker.

Tiny Tina all grown up and a Vault Hunter

Okay. Done with work-hell for a little while. Back to work on writing~ <3

Tina knocked first before she threw the door open and entered anyway. “Sup sup Free Lily. Thought I’d drop by for a little chit-chat,” Tina said as she stepped inside the old building that Lilith called home nowadays. It wasn’t much, but it was better than the cave. At least there was only one corpse hung up by the door this time.

“Tina!” Lilith nearly shouted, in both surprise and delight as she rolled over to where the young woman stood in the doorway. “I didn’t know you were coming! God this place is a mess. Why didn’t you tell me you were dropping by?”

Tina rolled the small orb in her hands as she stepped further inside the house. “Oh you know, jus stoppin’ by. Not tryin’ to ask you for information on a certain magic Eridium orb thingy or anythin’ like that. That’d be craaaazy,” she said in a high singsong as she set the orb on a nearby table. It glowed a faint purple, covered in strange Eridian markings. “I think it’s a map. You know, like that one from a few years back but my friends and I can’t be sure without your fine ass and yo’ expertise on these delicate matters.”

Lilith merely frowned and rolled her chair over to the table. “Tina,” she said in a low voice, more of a sympathetic warning than anything else. “You know I can’t do that anymore.” She looked up at Tina, staring her straight in the eyes, forcing the young woman to look at her.

Tina didn’t want to look. She didn’t want to see the purple flooding the whites of her eyes, and the growing expanse of tattoos, and the mangled legs and twisted organs. She didn’t want to see what Eridium could do to a Siren. She didn’t want to see the toll that the Vaults had on Lilith.

She had agreed to go on alone, with her new Vault Hunter friends. She agreed that Maya and Lilith couldn’t risk any more than they already had. The Eridium was too great of toll on their bodies. But she didn’t want to stay away from them either. She didn’t the woman she came to view as a sister waste away without her.

“I know,” she laughed nervously, “I just…wanted to see what you think of it. Is all.” She picked up the orb and rolled it in her hands. She knew Lilith was watching her carefully, reading every movement.

“Tina,” Lilith spoke up, “You don’t have to come up with excuses to come and see me. Or the others. I know you and Brick still do…whatever it is you guys like to do. But Mordecai misses you too. He’ll never admit it, but he does. Talon’s gotten so big, and about to start his…or well ah…her…second life-cycle. I’m sure Mordy would want you to see her.”

Tina cracked a smile, wiping a strand of blonde hair from her face. Her face was caked in dust and dirt, after days of scoping out the planet. It was strange to come back after spending so long on other planets, opening other Vaults. It was strange to see this wasteland and call it home. “You think that girlfriend of his would be cool seeing me?”

“Moxxi?” Lilith leaned back in the wheelchair and laughed. “You’d be surprised. I’m sure she misses you too.” Lilith paused and looked the girl over. “You look good Tina. Finally putting on some weight.”

“Girl you know it. Gotta get some meat on these hips. You know how I like it when otha ladies have curves. Unf,” she replied with a wink, “I need to tell you all about the food on Demetrus. Oh my god I have to bring you some next time you are going to freeeeak.” Tina continued to blabber on and on about the delicacies she had on other planets in her absence, stuffing the orb back into her overalls. The Vaults could wait, for a while. She could find another way to operate the orb. After all, that’s not really why she came here.



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